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Simplify & Enhance Communication With Custom Video

EDGEucate Media Solutions has been creating custom communication videos for over 10 years.  Whether it's to educate your employees or to educate your customers, to promote your business or to promote yourself, we will work with you to create a completely custom video, designed to fit your message and needs.

Programmer in Office
Benefits Video 

Open Enrollment Benefits Video

Simplify open enrollment with a custom employee benefits video.  The video will be designed specific to your company's employee benefits and open enrollment communications.

Employee New Hire
Benefits Video

A New Hire Benefits video is a valuable HR tool to communicate employee benefits to new hires.  With the video, a complete and consistent message is delivered to all new hires and their dependents throughout the plan year.

Custom Communication Video

Marketing Video

Tell your brand story and/or promote the products or services you offer

Training Video

Educate and/or assist your employees or customers

Simplify & Enhance Employee Communication


With the ever-changing insurance industry, every employer faces unique challenges when it comes to communicating their employee benefits. Recognizing these challenges, EDGEucate Media saw an opportunity to offer solutions.  Specializing in communicating Employee Benefits, we work with employers and brokers to create custom Employee Benefits Videos.  We are passionate about making each video specific to the company's employee benefits and including all of the necessary benefit information while also making sure it is as engaging as possible.  Our goal is to create a tool for employers to use during open enrollment and throughout the plan year. 


Ready to put some EDGE into your employee benefits communications? Contact us for a FREE consultation!

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