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Employee Benefits Video

A Custom Employee Benefits Video is a great way to add an informative and engaging communication resource to your benefits package.  We work directly with employers and/or insurance brokers to collect the necessary information to put together a complete video outlining your employee benefits package.  Since the video can be shared in many different ways, employees and their eligible dependents can view it at anytime, from anywhere.  With the benefits video the employer, insurance broker and even the insurance carrier will know each employee and their dependents receive a complete and consistent message!   ​

New Hire Employee Benefits Video

With each new hire comes the task of making sure all employee benefits are communicated accurately and in a timely fashion.  A New Hire Employee Benefits Video is a great way to make sure a complete and consistent message is communicated to all new hires throughout the plan year.  We can either create a New Hire Video from scratch or use the already developed Employee Benefits Video and tailor it to include your company's new hire information.  Since the video can be shared in many different ways, new hires and their eligible dependents can view it from anywhere, at anytime. 

Turn A Presentation Or Idea Into Video

Send us a PowerPoint presentation or a Keynote Presentation and we will turn it into a video.  Have an idea or a message?  Send us your ideas and we will work with you to turn it into video.  Your video can than be shared with your audience in an array of different ways for years to come. 


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